Tuesday, 13 September 2016

In Somalia, Killing is Negotiation


National Characteristics
Somalis use the Irregular unit rules

Melt Away
Somalis Leaders can spend a Chain of Command pip (not dice) to leave the table with a unit which can include themselves in contact with a JOP provided they are outside of line of sight of any enemy within 12 inches. This can be done before or after movement. They can then re enter at another jump off point (as for a normal unit placement) in a subsequent phase.

Anti American
Somalis are treated as Regulars when rolling on the Force Morale Table for initial morale.

Green: +2
Command Dice: 4 +1 different coloured dice counting a 5 or 6 only.

Senior Leader with AK
Junior Leader with AK

40 insurgents armed the following:
32 with AKs
4 with RPGs
4 with RPK Box Fed LMGs

NB: Player can choose to swap any RPGs or LMGs for AKs at no cost.
The insurgent player can groups these in units as they choose prior to the first phase using the following restrictions:
Min size of a unit - 3 men
Max size of a unit - 12 men

For the purposes of the rules each insurgent team counts as a ‘Leaderless Section’ activating on a Command Dice result of ‘2’, unless activated by a Leader.

Support explained
Any crewed served weapons or vehicles ignore the irregular rules and are treated as per the main rules.  All support is treated as green unless otherwise indicated.

Deploy one unit an additional 6” further from a Jump-Off point than would normally be the case or
Move a jump-off point (after the patrol phase, before the first game phase) up to 18” in any direction, so long as it is further than 12” from any enemy troops or Jump-Off Point.

Adds a bonus to any rolls on the Irregular Fire and Combat table.

(Figures in brackets indicate maximum number allowed)

List 1
Khat for 1 Unit
Junior Leader (Must be attached to one unit) (1)
Exchange 1 x AK for RPG (2)
Exchange 1 x AK for LMG (2)

List 2
CoC Dice(1)
Locals (3)

Sniper (1)
Burning Tyre Barrier (1)
5 Irregular Insurgents (2)
Person Of Interest (POI) - Ranking Senior Leader (1)
Upgrade 5 Irregular Insurgents from green to regular (2)

List 3
MMG with 4 crew with a Junior Leader (1)
Technical with MMG, 4 crew with Junior Leader
4 man bodyguard to POI (Treated as Regulars armed with AKs, ignore Irregular rules)
List 4
12.7mm HMG AA Gun 4 crew with a Junior Leader (1)
Technical with 12.7mm AA Gun, 4 crew with a Junior Leader

List 7
Technical with 106mm Recoilless Rifle, 4 crew with a Junior Leader (1)

Weapon Rules Further Explained


  • Treat as Belt Fed LMG
  • May only be used when an individual man is commanded by a Leader using a Command Initiative.
  • Can target armour, infantry or bunkers.
  • AP:11 HE:3 Min 4", range bands of 12" (from 0)
  • Limited Ammo - 3
  • Treated as soft skin vehicles. Crew shot at by small arms fire are treated as in light cover.

106mm Recoilless Rifle

  • AP: 16  HE: 5

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