Friday, 12 May 2017

Arthur's Date with Irene

The following is a report from Arthur Garlick regarding his recent crack at the Hunting Dahir Scenario

Hunting Dahir 11th May 2017

Players Arthur Garlick, Steve Halsall, Jack Garlick, Tom Short

Terrain courtesy of  the Victorian Steel guys Malc and David and kindly donated to get it used as they have moved on to other projects.

The following is a brief report provided by Arthur for his games.

Arthur - We played on a 6’x4’ table, we used 4 shanty town bases in the centre of the table as the 4 buildings that Dahir might be hiding in.

First Game:

The Rangers came on opposite long sides of the table, allowing the shortest distance to get to each of the four buildings to search and carry Dahir off. With good move rolls and two double activations they were able to find Dahir and capture him quite easily.

The Somali player did not roll a 4 to be able to activate Dahir. No Somali units managed to deploy in time, some bad dice trying to get the 5+.

Dahir was captured! The Rangers got Dahir off the table, the Somalis deployed a unit but it was all  too late.

Second game:

This time I was able to deploy 3 groups of Somalis, with a Senior Leader led section, a Junior Leader led section, and one Leaderless section.

Some interesting activation rolls and it was quite tense. I deployed Dahir and grabbed his paperwork. The plan was simple, throw the 3 sections at the Rangers to keep them busy whilst Dahir exited the table perhaps using the nearby JOP.

A Ranger Junior Leader activated a fire team Grenade Launcher at one of Dahirs body guards standing on a walkway outside the room Dahir was in. They got a hit and killed the body guard.

In this pic you can see Dahir and 3 bodyguards marked with two pin counters broken and after their retreat move to the cover of a car wreck. You can also just see part of a Ranger fire team in the background. There was some interesting fire fights developing but the action was happening around the back of Dahirs building.

The Ranger team ran in and engaged Dahir in close combat, wiped the bodyguards out and captured Dahir. In the next activation the Somalis activated a nearby section with the other Senior Leader and ran in to close combat with the now 3 man Ranger team. The Ranger player played a CoC dice to interrupt the Somali activation and moved the fire team with Dahir away.
Even with the Rangers backs turned etc the Somalis were not able to grab Dahir and lost the close combat. The Rangers were then able to get Dahir off the table in the next activation.

Thanks for the report Arthur.  It is great to see the MOG supplement getting a run outside of my own playing group.  I look forward to more details of your actions.

It is always a pleasure to see lovely terrain and figures in action.  I greatly appreciate your efforts Arthur.

If anyone else has any reports, feedback, suggestions or requires rules clarifications do not hesitate to contact me.


Saturday, 6 May 2017

This Is My Safety

UNOFFICIAL Chain of Command - MOG rule supplement PDF.

Click on the below link to download the PDF from dropbox.

Chain of Command - MOG

I hope you enjoy.

Any feedback or suggestions welcomed.

Update 17/5/17
Regarding close combat results change to the following:
"Treat any close combat roll of 5 as a point of shock instead of a casualty and any roll of a 6 as a casualty and a point of shock."

Snipers ignore body armour.