Saturday, 8 April 2017

After Action Report - Hunting Dahir Redux

Hunting Dahir Redux

After a few more play tests and an update of the rules we decided to give the Hunting Dahir Scenario another run.

See here for Hunting Dahir Scenario

In addition to the rule updates we decided to introduce the following new rule for Chain of Command - Mogadishu which was tested for the first time and proved to be a big success.

Attack Helicopter
Whenever a U.S force rolls command dice allowing them a consecutive phase ie. two, three or four sixes instead of taking the next phase they may opt for a helicopter attack simulating the over head helicopter support that the U.S forces had in Mogadishu.  The U.S players phase will end after the helicopter attack.

NB: This can be taken instead of any consecutive phase.  So the U.S player could have rolled two phases in a row then instead of taking a third phase could opt for a helicopter attack.

The U.S player places the helicopter on any table edge then moves it in a straight line to the point of the table it wishes to deploy.  During it's movement any enemy units on over watch may attempt to fire on the helicopter.

The Attack Helicopter remains on the table during the enemy players next phase and can be attacked by the enemy player.  Any successful enemy attack results are applied.  At the end of the enemy players phase the helicopter is removed from the table.

Anti-Aircraft Fire Against an Attack Helicopter

To make an anti-aircraft attack against an Attack Helicopter the unit must not be pinned, suppressed or broken and  rolls 2D6 and adjust as follows:

-1 for each point of Shock on the firer
-2 if the firer is in an area under fire from a transport helicopter door gunner

+2 if the firer is a heavy anti-aircraft unit
+1 if the firer is a light anti-aircraft unit such as AA MGs
+1 if the firer is using an RPG
+1 if the helicopter is carrying excessive load

Check the result against the following table to see if the aircraft has been hit.
Target Roll
Attack helicopter        12

If the roll is successful and the target is hit roll on the following table to see what the effect is. Again add
+1 if the firer is a light anti-aircraft unit or RPG,
+2 if a heavy anti-aircraft unit

Dice Result
1-5 Aircraft driven off, may not attack this turn.
6 Aircraft damaged, leaves the table immediately
7+ Aircraft downed. Roll a D6 adding +2 if firing at a helicopter. On 1-4 it leaves the table before crashing. On 5 or 6 it crashed on the table. Roll a Deviation Dice and 6D6 to see the location, ignoring any HIT result.

Attack Helicopters Firing
Attack Helicopters may only attack targets that are visible from the air. This will be any enemy unit located in the Open, in Broken or Heavy terrain. A target in really heavy terrain may only be targeted if it is on the fringe of that terrain type, i.e. within 4” of the edge. Any target that is further inside a really heavy terrain feature may not be targeted by attack Helicopters.  See Rule Changes for Chain of Command - Mogadishu under Elite Snipers in Helicopters for rules regarding line of sight and buildings.

The Firing Process for Attack Helicopters is the same as either that for infantry fire or anti vehicle fire depending on the target. The only difference being that anti infantry fire may deviate. The attacker selects an aiming point as the target and confirms that the enemy he is targeting is a legitimate target i.e. in Line of Sight and visible and not against ROE. If it is not visible, he will need to move the helicopter.  The attack helicopter fires at the aiming point but the fire will deviate as follows. Throw 2D6.

Attack Helicopter DEVIATION
2     Deviate 4D6 inches   
3     Deviate 3D6 inches    
4     Deviate 2D6 inches   
5     Deviate 1D6 inches    
6     On target    
7+   On target   
The firer then throws the firepower dice as normal reducing cover by one level unless the targets are in a bunker. Hits are allocated as normal against all units in the impact area, which is defined below and the dice for effect is as normal.

Where two different enemy units are attacked they must be no further than 24” apart.

Door Gunners
Door gunners fire as for a vehicle mounted internal weapon, the reduction being due to the relative instability of the firing platform.

Hunting Dahir After Action Report

The table is laid out per the scenario rules with the four potential target buildings located in the centre of the table.  The building Dahir was hiding in is marked with the red dot.  This was unknown to the Ranger player.

Another view of the table.  Buildings can be entered using 2 dice of movement removing the lowest dice rolled.

The table had a few wrecks throughout treated as hard cover.

View into the centre of the street.

Jump off markers are placed.  The scenario does not use a patrol phase.  Instead Jump of Markers are placed first by the Somalis and then by the U.S.  As the Rangers are using a surprise attack the Somalis must roll a 5+ for any unit they wish to deploy until the first turn ends. 

First phase to the U.S.  They deploy a squad from either jump off point attempting to hit the buildings hard and fast.  They also gain the next phase as they have rolled two sixes.  They opt for the next phase instead of calling for the attack helicopter as there is no enemy currently in sight.

The U.S approach one of the buildings in an attempt to find Dahir.

Around five or so U.S phases in.  The Somalis have been unlucky and have not managed to roll a 5+ at this stage to deploy any units.  The Rangers have searched the buildings at the top and bottom right  of screen and the bottom left.  Dahir is no where to be found.  They move quickly towards the fourth and final building.

Rangers having searched the building provide cover whilst Squad 1 moves on the final building.

Squad 2 on over watch as Squad 1 in column moves towards the building housing Dahir.

Somalis finally commence deploying.  This unit is currently unarmed so cannot be fired on without the U.S suffering a potential political loss from killing unarmed civilians.

More Somalis deploy behind a low wall in the field to the left and open fire on the Rangers in the open approaching the final building.

Further Somalis deploy on top of the building at the top of screen and also open fire on the Rangers in the open causing casualties and shock.  The U.S units on over watch return fire causing casualties.

The Ranger Leader desperately attempts to rally shock from his troops and restore order so that they can launch their final attack on the building housing Dahir.  Unfortunately they are unable to get moving.

The other U.S unit providing cover is hit badly suffering a critical wound requiring the Rangers to withdraw to cover behind the wreckage.

The Somalis now hold the upper hand.  The Rangers have suffered casualties and stopped just short of capturing Dahir.  Ranger Morale is dropping fast and they are now in serious trouble.

The Somali unit that caused the damage. Firing down the street they caught the Rangers in the open just before they managed to enter the final building to capture Dahir.  Ranger morale breaks and the Somalis are victorious.  Dahir lives to fight another day.

A highly enjoyable game which was looking like being a success for the Rangers before the Somalis caught the U.S off guard and vulnerable.  In an attempt to search the buildings as quickly as possible the U.S player failed to fully cover his assault on the buildings.  Early opportunities to secure Somali Jump off points were not taken which would have made the Somali task difficult.  The Somali player concentrated his firepower on the easiest U.S target to full effect and caused too many acceptable U.S casualties.  The Rangers need to secure their avenues of approach and lines of escape to be successful.