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Scenario - Hunting Dahir

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Hunting “Dahir”

Intelligence sources have finally got reliable information on the location of one of Aidid’s leadership, the Militia Leader Dahir, and have despatched a Platoon of Rangers to ensure he doesn’t escape.

The word from the intel source is that Dahir has taken ill and has returned to the house of his family to recover. While the intel has indicated the area in which Dahir is hiding they are unclear exactly which building he is holed up in. Ranger assault teams will enter the village on foot from two directions, moving quickly to avoid giving the target any warning.

Special Rules
Capture the target
The target is known to be hiding in one of the buildings in the local village.

The target and his bodyguard are not deployed on table at the start of the game.
Instead the Somali player notes which building the target and is bodyguard are in on a map of the table before the game starts. This is decided before the Ranger player indicates which two table edges their forces will arrive from.

Dahir has not got to the high position he is in by being foolhardy. When he hears gunfire he will seek to make his escape. To escape, he must exit from any board edge.

Dahir and his bodyguard will not activate until the first shots have been fired by either side. Once this has happened, the target will operate as normal in his next activation.

Dahir and his bodyguard may chose to remain hidden in his activation. They do not have to leave
the building.

Dahir and his bodyguard are only revealed when he either shoots, leaves the building he is hiding in, or if the building is entered by a Ranger. 

Dahir must spend 1 full activation collecting his notes and plans before he escapes. If the Ranger
troops are closing in, he may elect to leave quicker, but will leave valuable intel behind which the
Ranger troops may capture by spending 1 activation to search the building which he was hiding in.  If they manage to do this and Dahir escapes before either sides morale has dropped to zero then the game is declared a draw.

Capturing Dahir
In order to capture Dahir a Ranger Unit must enter the building he is located in and spend 1 activation searching the building.  If Dahir and his bodyguard were in this building and had not previously deployed his bodyguards are considered killed and Dahir captured without the need for close combat to occur.

If Dahir is not attached to any other units he is automatically captured in hand to hand combat without any further action and will be forced to the ground and be taken prisoner.

If Dahir is attached to another unit that is involved in hand to hand combat and that unit loses hand to hand combat then Dahir is automatically captured even if the combat results in more kills than enemy troops.

The Ranger player then needs to escort the target back off either of the board edges which the Rangers entered from. While escorting Dahir, the Rangers may not run.

A Somali fighter may not fire at the Rangers escorting Dahir for fear of hitting their leader but may engage the Rangers in hand to hand combat. If Dahir is captured any Somali units may engage the unit that has him prisoner in hand to hand combat.

If Dahir is no longer being held by a Ranger Dahir will activate as normal and may resume his attempts to escape.

He will have lost his AK47.

Dahir can be killed by shooting per the normal rules for hits on leaders from firing.

If Dahir should be killed, the Somalis will seek out vengeance on the Americans. Somali Motivation will be set to Highly Motivated (6) for the remainder of the game.

Ranger Force Briefing
The Rangers should advance to contact while searching for Dahir in the buildings in the village. Orders are to strike fast and bring Dahir in alive and, only if there is no other possibility, eliminate him. Any resistance should be dealt with but make sure it does not slow you down from
reaching Dahir before he escapes.

The Ranger player has two squads and a HQ. Before the start of the game, but before the Somali force deploys, the Ranger player decides a table edge for each of their squads to arrive from. The Ranger player may elect to have both squads arrive from the same board edge or may decide to
have two different board edges.

The Ranger troops start off table and will move on table in their first activation based on the type of movement they choose.

As the attack is a complete surprise in the afternoon the US forces gain the Russian WW2 God of War Rule for this game meaning that for the first turn all Somali units must roll a 5+ in order to deploy on the table when activated.

Somali Briefing
The Americans are meddling in our affairs. There helicopters are hovering over our city like dark vultures, no doubt with the intention to kill our leaders. Dahir must be protected at all costs. It is your task to make sure that he escapes the American net.

The Somali forces are to be deployed in and around the settlement.

The Somali player must place 3 JOPs at least 12” from any board edge. This is their only restriction.

One building on table is designated as Dahir’s safe house.

The Somali force is a standard force in addition to Dahir.

They are unprepared for the Ranger attack so will not be able to deploy tooled up until the first shots are fired.  They may tool up when deploying but before shots are fired if they have line of sight to a US force.

Dahir is a Senior Leader armed with an AK.

Bodyguards are 4 x Regular troops armed with AK.
They are not affected by the irregular rules.  They will deploy within command distance of him at the same time Dahir deploys as they are inside the building with Dahir at the time of the attack.

Table Set Up
At least 4 buildings are placed within a 3 foot x 2 foot rectangle within the centre of the table.
(See diagram). One of these buildings is where the target is hidden.

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US Rangers
Elite: +5
Command Dice: 5 +1 Different coloured counting 1-4 only.

National Characteristics
Rangers are rated as Elite.

Excellent Communications
US may also add a chain of command point when they roll a single 6 for command dice.
US unit integrity is 6 inches instead of 4 inches.
Increased Command initiative range of 9 inches for Junior Leaders and 12 inches for Senior Leaders.
US may spend Chain of Command pips to increase any of their command dice rolled up to a 4.

Body Armour
Standard Body Armour

1x Platoon Leader, Senior Leader w/M-16 or CAR-15
1x Platoon Sgt, Senior Leader w/M-16 or CAR-15

1x Squad Leader, Junior Leader w/M-16 or CAR-15

Fireteam 1
1x Fireteam Leader, Team Leader w/M-16 or CAR-15
1x Grenadier w/M-203
1x Gunner w/M-249
1x Assistant Gunner w/M-16 or CAR-15

Fireteam 2
1x Fireteam Leader, Team Leader w/M-16 or CAR-15
1x Grenadier w/M-203
1x Gunner w/M-249
1x Assistant Gunner w/M-16 or CAR-15

The Ranger force strike has been designed for maximum surprise.  As a result the God of War Rule will be in place for the first turn of the game requiring the Somali force to roll 5+ for any unit attempting to deploy on table.

No other support is available for the game.

Green: +2
Command Dice: 4 +1 different coloured dice counting a 5 or 6 only

National Characteristics
Somalis use the Irregular unit rules

Melt Away
Somalis Leaders can spend a Chain of Command pip (not dice) to leave the table with a unit which can include themselves in contact with a JOP provided they are outside of line of sight of any enemy within 12 inches. This can be done before or after movement. They can then re enter at another jump off point (as for a normal unit placement) in a subsequent phase.

Anti American

Somalis are treated as Regulars when rolling on the Force Morale Table.

Senior Leader with AK
Junior Leader with AK
40 insurgents armed the following:
32 with AKs
4 with RPGs
4 with RPK Box Fed LMGs

Player can choose to swap any RPGs or LMGs for AKs at no cost.
The insurgent player can groups these in units as they choose prior to the first phase using the following restrictions:
Min size of a unit - 3 men
Max size of a unit - 12 men

For the purposes of the rules each insurgent team counts as a ‘Leaderless Section’ activating on a Command Dice result of ‘2’, unless activated by a Leader.

Senior Leader Dahir with AK
4 x Regular troops armed with AK
No other support is available.


  1. Some great work here. I had been thinking of doing Task Force Ranger with Force on Force, though perhaps I should be looking at Chain of Command again.

    1. Never go Force on Force. It's far too convoluted for its own good. Game play gets bogged down in a seemingly endless chain of actions and reactions and nothing ends up happening.