Saturday, 6 May 2017

This Is My Safety

UNOFFICIAL Chain of Command - MOG rule supplement PDF.

Click on the below link to download the PDF from dropbox.

Chain of Command - MOG

I hope you enjoy.

Any feedback or suggestions welcomed.

Update 17/5/17
Regarding close combat results change to the following:
"Treat any close combat roll of 5 as a point of shock instead of a casualty and any roll of a 6 as a casualty and a point of shock."

Snipers ignore body armour.


  1. Thank you very much for this. I will be trying these out this week. Would you like me to send you some pictures and a write up?

    1. Certainly would Arthur.  Look forward to it.  If you have any questions let me know.

    2. My game is on Thursday, so I got the terrain and figures out last night (I'm UK) to try and get the rules down in solo play.

      I set up the Dahir scenario. The Rangers got to the houses in the centre very quickly and with the 5 needed for the Somalis to come on it looked like it would be a very short game. The Somalis got a leaderless unit on and they tooled up. In the meantime they got a CoC dice and ended the first turn to hopefully make bringing on the rest of their guys easier.

      I have some questions around the changes to movement (I only have WW2 rules) around moving and shooting. It was getting late last night and perhaps I just missed something.

      I've shared a drop box directory as a test. There's one image in there. Dahir with his guys can be seen in the compound, I put him out before realising he would actually be spending an activation to collect his papers. Some tooled up Somalis are running out to hold the rangers off.

      Test drop box link, I am not sure if blogger will allow this link in a comment:

      We'd like to get involved in the cold war rules testing, is there a forum you can link me to? Heavily encoded email address follows 4rthuroutlookcom

      cheers for your work!

    3. I should have said that after initially looking like an easy walk in walk out for the Rangers, it very quickly turned hot and when I stopped it looked like the Rangers wouldn't be able to get to Dahir.

  2. Cheers for the update Arthur. I hope the scenario played out alright for you. It is designed to be a quick hit that can and usually does go wrong. Movement rules are as per WW2 except that Elites and Somalis do not suffer shock from 3 dice move. There are other rules re: moving and shooting for the US which are in their army list section. Let me know how Thursday goes. I will PM you details re: Cold War playtesting soon.

  3. Let me know what questions you have and I will answer them asap. Generally getting to Dahir can be easy however carrying him off table presents the biggest problem as the Somalis start showing up and unleashing.

  4. PS: The dropbox link works.

  5. Cheers, my email does start with a numeric, you just need to add two characters.

  6. We played two games last night a win for the Rangers both times. I messed up a few of the rules and we had people that had never played chain of command before so I wouldn't call it a play test. I've just done a few pics and words about it and it's in the dropbox link above.

    It was an enjoyable evening.

    I need to get the rules down better before I make any constructive comments all I'll say for now is that the rules for irregular troops were a bit difficult to follow.



  7. Top stuff Arthur.  

    Loved the reports.

    Just a couple of things after reading through your reports.   The intention for the Dahir scenario is that the process of capturing Dahir in his building counts as shots fired therefore once this occurs the Somalis can tool up even if out of line of sight. 

    The irreg rules do require a bit of a read through as they are a different concept.  If you have any questions at all or need clarifications on them let me know.

    There is no requirement for Dahir to stay with his bodyguard as he is a Senior Leader he may move separately with his bodyguard activating separately on a  2.  The body guard are treated as Regular troops so act per normal troop rules.

    Regarding the close combat if any figures in a unit get within 4 inches of the enemy then all the figures in the unit count towards fighting.

    If you find anything at all confusing or requires further explanation let me know.  I will start to add clarifications to the blog.

    Thanks again for giving them a crack and providing the reports. 

    The terrain and figures look superb.  Would love to hear any more feedback you have and look forward to further reports.



  8. Are you cool if I post your report on the blog Arthur?

  9. Thanks for the comments, I did know most of the errors I made (and there were a few), I was a little rusty. The comment about tooling up was particularly interesting.

    The terrain was made by the Victorian Steel guys that you link to on your links page, Malc there kindly donated the terrain to get it used as they have moved on to other projects.

    I will get more games in to get my eye back in with the rules.

    Totally cool with you using the images, I'd prefer it if you'd edit the text as necessary as I knocked that out latish on last night to make sure you got something rather than if I left it and it never getting done. You might mention that the terrain is by Malc and David over at Victorian Steel.

    I'll pop the other images in the drop box tonight, they are off a phone and the lighting at our club is not great but I think they are usable.

  10. Cheers mate. Champion effort.

  11. Your after action report is here Arthur